I am sure we have all heard the story that goldfish have a three second memory (which is apparently untrue). 

The unstoppable rise of digital and the huge demands on our time also suggest that our own attention spans are not that much longer. 

We are, many marketers would have you believe, goldfish.

Like the excellent Heidi Taylor, I'm not so sure I agree. 

As she rightly highlights, we are regularly engaged for much longer periods of time when the subject interests (thus packed cinemas and best selling novels). 

There is, she says, way too much content out there, and most of it badly written and dull. 

So spend time on creating content, test it on colleagues and friends, and perhaps read it aloud before sharing. 

I would, however, argue brevity. A three minute video is long enough.  And if you can't explain your argument in 500 words, focus on just one or two key points.