Have you ever noticed how some marketing agencies will point you down the path of the marketing they do? If their skillset is predominantly digital, the bulk of your marketing plan will involve digital....

At SME Needs, we're different. Our job is to make sure your marketing happens. For us, there are three sets of people who can do that:

1. You and your team

2. The SME Needs team

3. Specialist marketing providers

Once we have worked together to develop a plan, we work out which of these sets is best to deliver what is needed. Just to show what we mean, we are currently using:

A PPC agency in Devon for three different clients

Copywriters in Greenwich, Norwich and St Albans

Web developers in Wimbledon

Analytics providers in Manchester for two clients

SEO tools from the Czech Republic

Printers in Liverpool

Without all these specialists, we would have to have a much bigger team; one that would mean our prices would be much higher. Costs that would have to be absorbed by our clients, probably making us non-competitive.