Jon Baker suggests that many testimonials aren't worth the screenspace they're "printed" on and I have to agree with him, at least partially. 

Testimonials represent a small piece of the evidence your prospects want to see before they trust you enough to take that leap to using your services/products.  Let's have a quick look at some of the others:

  1. your awareness trigger: whether a tweet, LinkedIn post, email or letter, something must have piqued their interest to get them to your website
  2. Headlines and content: they are unlikely to hit your website on the testimonials page, so what they see before must nudge them a little further down the sales path.
  3. Testimonials: people (hopefully just like them) saying good things about how you've helped them.
  4. Case studies: more detailed information on what you did and the results that work delivered.
  5. You: people buy people so they will talk to you before buying.

Your prospects will go through all these stages and all need to do their jobs.