Whilst I agree that the EU provides use with a plethora of regulation that makes life difficult for small business owners, I am concerned by the simplistic thinking of the statements below from the 200 business owners.

  1. Britain's biggest businesses bring a huge amount of money into the country. Not all that should reaches the government's coffers, but that is for another time.  Much of the money is then given to others within the UK: staff, suppliers & shareholders.
  2. That money is then processed through until it reaches the smallest businesses. For example, one of my clients provides software development for one of their clients, who helps Cosmos Holidays.  I am sure you all can think of an example of how this works for your business.
  3. Germany alone spends £40billion with UK business. Add that to the money spent by the rest of Europe and that puts a big hole in UK revenues. Whilst Brexit may replace that over time, it is highly likely to disappear faster than the new money starts flowing in from other parts of the world.

Just my opinion on the subject.