Whatever your opinion of the Brexit vote, and whatever the government actually decides to do, the result in June was a big shock to the country and to the small business community in particular.

However, it's now time to simply get on with things. Businesses and consumers still need products and services. They need businesses to provide these and they will go to those who haven't got a "the world is ending" attitude. Nobody wants to deal with grumpy people.

The businesses that continue with a positive attitude. The businesses who carry on marketing. The businesses that continue to make the noise needed to be heard will be the ones that succeed. they will be the ones who need to recruit and so build the economy.

I know it isn't easy, but even when/if Article 50 is filed, I highly recommend you continue to talk about how you help your clients. By doing that, you will continue getting people come and buy from you.

I hope this helps.