Why is it that too many companies expect you to give away so much up front?

Back in my IT support days, we were expected to design a local infrastructure network as part of the sales process. These days, I get asked to develop a marketing strategy as part of the sale. Just the other day I was told that Regus wouldn't be using my services to help them launch a new business centre because I didn't develop a plan beforehand.  This is after they came to me and asked if I could help.  I am sure the same has happened to you many times.

The Process

If a prospect comes to you for help to resolve an issue they have been unable to resolve, why should you spend hours, if not days, working out what will be the best solution for them?

They then expect you to provide them with a detailed specification - and give away the crown jewels - before they say yes.

The Result

They go to someone else with a lower day rate, give them all your hard work and ask them to implement it, in the belief that they will be able to.

A Tasting Menu

Give them a taster of what can be done and plenty of evidence that you can deliver on your promises, but if they want to "pick your brains" for free, walk away.

I hope this helps